·         You're not the only one who is worried about global warming. (Adjective)
·         This double-decker bus is for female passengers only. (Adverb)
·         He made frequent overseas trips to visit the world's great museums. (Adjective)
·         He lived overseas for five years as an illegal immigrant. 
·         His book is based on his past experiences in the various prisons. (Adjective)
·         Several months went past, and he still owed me the money. (Adverb)
·         You are quite a pretty sight when you get out of bed in the morning. (adjective)
·          Life was pretty tough at first when her husband went off like that. (adverb)
·          Must you always be quick to grab the biggest piece? (Adjective)
·          He often gets drunk pretty quick. (Adverb)
·         You didn’t get a right answer to the fifty questions, why? (Adjective) 
·         We walked right past a crowd watching a man doing magic. (Adverb)
·         The dog caused scratching marks on the door with its sharp claws. (Adjective)
·         I set the alarm clock to go off at six o'clock sharp, but it went off at seven. (Adverb)
·         In a few short years, his skinny and undersized sister has grown into a big fat woman. (Adjective)
·         He had to cut his speech short when great drops of rain started to fall. (Adverb)
·         For God's sake, sit still if you want your photo taken. (Adjective)
·         Abu still rides the same old camel after all these years. (Adverb)
·         They gave Neil a straight choice – to resign or to get the sack. (adjective)
·          His bad habit is to beat about the bush instead of going straight to the point. (adverb)
·         Her jeans have got too tight and she can't wear them anymore. (Adjective)
·         The commuters are used to being packed tight like sardines in the train in rush hour.
·         Her friends described her as a very together sort of person. (Adjective)
·         They have been playing together as a double pair in tennis for some years. (Adverb)