Some adverbs have two forms which are used in different ways. One form ends in –ly while the other form doesn’t end in –ly (cheap and cheaply). Those that don’t end in –ly are the same as adjectives in spelling; for example, cheap is an adverb and it is also an adjective. The following table lists the two forms.
cheap cheaply
clean cleanly
clear clearly
close closely
dear dearly
deep deeply
direct directly
double doubly
fair fairly
fine finely
firm firmly
first firstly
free freely
hard hardly
high highly
last lastly
late lately
loud loudly
low lowly
near nearly
quick quickly
real really
right rightly
sharp sharply
short shortly
slow slowly
strong strongly
sure surely
thin thinly
tight tightly
wide widely
wrong wrongly

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Cheap/Cheaply - Last/Lastly  

Late/Lately - Wrong/Wrongly