It is commonly known that most words ending in –ly are adverbs. Not all words ending in –ly are adverbs. A significant number of them are adjectives, which are often mistaken for adverbs. Following is a list of adjectives ending in -ly that, with a few exceptions, cannot be used as adverbs. 



authorly ghastly monthly* southerly
beastly ghostly motherly sparkly
bodily giggly neighborly spindly
bristly godly nightly sprightly
bubbly goodly northeasterly squiggly
burly gravelly northerly steely
brotherly grisly northwesterly stately
chilly heavenly oily surly
comely hilly only timely
costly holy orderly treacly
courtly homely otherworldly ugly
cowardly hourly painterly unearthly
crinkly housekeeperly pearly unfriendly
crumbly husbandly pebbly ungainly
crumply jolly pimply unlikely
cuddly kindly poorly unruly
curly kingly priestly unseemly
daily* leisurely princely unsightly
dastardly likely quarterly untimely
deadly lively queenly unworldly
deathly lonely rumply weekly*
disorderly lovely saintly westerly
early lowly  scaly wifely
earthly maidenly scholarly wily
easterly manly shapely wobbly
elderly mannerly sickly womanly
fatherly masterly silly woolly
fortnightly* matronly sisterly worldly
friendly mealy slatternly wriggly
frilly measly slovenly wrinkly
frizzly melancholy sly yearly*
gentlemanly miserly smelly ------

 *Can also be used as an adverb.