Uncountable nouns Partitives
tea a cup/flask/mug/pot of
thread a hank/length/piece/skein/strand of
thunder a clap/crash/peal/roll/rumble of
timber a baulk/length/piece
tissue a wad of
toast a morsel/piece/round/slice of
traffic a roar/stream of
truth an element/a grain of
tyre/tire a set of
understanding a level of
underwear a change/set of
unease a ripple of
violence a level of
water a drop/glass/jet/jug of 
wheat a bag/ear/field/grain/sack/sheaf of
whisky a bottle/dash/drop/flask/glass/hip flask/measure/nip/shot/tot/tumbler
wind a blast/breath/gust of 
wine a bottle/drop/glass
wire a length, piece, strand of
wood a baulk/block/piece/plank/splinter/ strip/wedge of
wool a ball/bundle/skein of
work a bit/collection/exhibition/piece of
writing an anthology/a collection/piece of
yarn a hank/ength/piece/skein of
yogurt a carton, pot of