Uncountable nouns Partitives
sadness a twinge of
saliva a dribble of
salt a grain/pinch of
sand a grain of 
sauce a dash/drop of
seal a colony of
scorn a shout of
similarity a degree of
skepticism/ skepticism a pinch of
skill a degree/level/range/set of
sleep a snatch of
smoke a cloud/puff/wisp of
snow a flake of; flakes of
soap a bar/cake of
soda a dash of
soup a bowl/cup/mug/packet/tin of
spaghetti a strand of
speed a burst of
stamp a book/set/sheet of
steam a cloud, jet of
steel a strip of
stone a slab of
stubbornness a streak of
sugar a cube/lump/pinch/spoonful/bag/ packet of
sunlight a shaft of