Uncountable nouns Partitives
marble a block/slab of
margarine a tub of
match a book/box of
mathematics a branch of
meat a chunk/hunk/piece/slab/slice of
medicine (e.g. penicillin) a branch/dose/spoonful of
metal a scrap/sheet/strip/wedge of
milk a bottle/carton/cup/glass/jug/glass/ litre/pint of
mint a sprinkling of
money an amount/a sum of
moonlight a shaft of
mud a lump of
music a piece/snatch of
mustard a spoonful of
news (good news) an item/a bit/piece of; (a morsel of) 
news (bad) a dose of
newspaper a copy/edition/sheet
nonsense a load/lot of 
oil a barrel/drop/film/pool/squirt/streak of
orange a segment of
pain a howl of
paint a blob/coat/drop/flake/speck/ splash of
paper a bundle/piece/roll/scrap/sheet/slip/ strip of
perfume a bottle/puff of
petrol a gallon/litre/tankful of
poetry an anthology/a book/collection/line/volume of
rage a bellow of rage
rain a drop/trickle of
research a piece of 
rice a bag/bowl/grain/packet/sack of 
rock a chunk/lump/piece/slab of
rope a length of
rubbish a bag/load/pile; tons of
rum a tot of