Uncountable nouns Partitives
genius a flash/stroke of
glass a pane/piece/sheet/fragment/sliver/ splinter of
glue a blob/pot/tube of
gold an ounce of
gossip a bit/morsel/piece/titbit of
grass a blade/clump/tuft of
grease a film/spot of
guilt a twinge of
gum a wad of
hair a lock/hank/head/strand/wisp of
hay a bundle of
history a piece/slice of
homework a piece of
hope a glimmer/shred of
ice a block/slab/thick sheet of 
ice cream a dollop of
independence a degree/measure of
information a bit/fragment/item/mine/nugget/piece/ scrap/snippet/ wealth of
ingenuity an amount/degree of
ink a pot of 
insanity a streak of
inspiration a flash of
iron a scrap of
jam a dollop/jar/pot of
jealousy a fit/pang/rush/stab/twinge of
knowledge a branch of
land a parcel/plot/strip; tracts of
laughter a fit/gale/ howl/outburst/peal/ripple/roar/ shriek/snort of
lemon a slice/ wedge of
light a beam/gleam/glimmer/flash/ray/shaft/ streak of
lightning a bolt/flash/streak of
liquid a drop/pool/squirt of
luck a stroke of