Uncountable nouns Partitives
danger an element of
data an item/mass/piece/set
debris a heap/piece/pile of
denture a set of
delay a series of
delight a cry/gasp/shriek/squeal/whoop of
depression a bout/fit/period of
derision a hoot of
desperation a hint/note of
dialogue a snatch of
dirt a layer/speck/streak of
disapproval a shout of
dizziness a rush of
doubt a hint
dust a cloud/film/puff/speck of
earth a clod/clump/lump/pile of
envy a stab/twinge of
evidence a scrap/shred of
exasperation a hint
excitement a ripple of
flame a sheet of
flower a bouquet/bunch/vase of
flu a bout/dose of
food a portion/plate/morsel/scrap/scraps of
fruit a basket of