Uncountable nouns Partitives
activity an outburst of
advice a bit/morsel of
air a blast/breath/current/gust of
anger a fit/an outburst of
applause a burst/ripple of
bacon a piece/rasher/slice of
banknotes a bundle/ wad of 
beef a morsel of
beer a barrel/bottle/can/crate/glass/keg/ tankard/pint of
biscuit a box/crumb/packet/tin of
blood a drop/pool/trickle of; spots/traces of
box a pile/stack of
brandy a bottle/dash/drop/flask/glass/hip/flask/measure/ nip/shot/tot of
bread a chunk/crumb/crust/hunk/loaf/ piece/slice of
butter a knob/lump/pat/slab of
cake a bit/crumb/piece/slice/sliver/wedge of
cardboard a piece/sheet of 
cement  a block of
cheese a chunk/hunk/morsel/slice/wedge of
chess a game of
china a chip/set of
chocolate a bar/box/slab/square of
cigarette a carton/pack/packet of 
clay a lump of 
cloth a bale/bolt/length/piece/scrap/shred/ strip/yard of
coal a load/lump/piece of
cocoa a mug of
coconut a bunch of
coffee a cup/jar/mug/pot/pound of
concrete a layer/slab of
consolation a morsel of 
contamination a level of
conversation a snatch of
cotton a bale/bolt/bundle/reel/strand of 
cream (whipped) a dollop of
crisp a bag/packet of
cutlery  a set of 
cynicism a hint/note/touch/trace of