Abstract noun refers to a thing that has no physical form. This means we cannot see or touch it. It denotes an idea (education, discipline), quality (ability, beauty) or state (belief, hope). Abstract nouns are derived particularly from nouns, verbs, and adjectives.



Noun Abstract Noun   Noun Abstract Noun
brother brotherhood   man manhood
child childhood   member membership
friend friendship   mother motherhood
king kingship   neighbor neighborhood
leader leadership   scholar scholarship



Verb Abstract Noun   Verb Abstract Noun
act action   know knowledge
appear appearance   laugh laughter
behave behavior   lose loss
believe belief   marry marriage
die death   permit permission
do deed   please pleasure
employ employment   refuse refusal
free freedom   sell sale
grow growth   speak speech
invite invitation   think thought
judge judgement   treat treatment



Adjective Abstract Noun   Adjective Abstract Noun
able ability   kind kindness
angry anger   long length
beautiful beauty   honest honesty
brave bravery   new newness
different difference   strong strength
difficult difficulty   thirsty thirst
envious envy   unique uniqueness
great greatness   weak weakness
happy happiness   wide width
hungry hunger   wise wisdom