sacrifice to:  Johnny sacrificed much of his free time to do charity work.

sail from:  We’ll be sailing from this harbour to Calais next week.

satisfy with:  Anne is still not satisfied with his explanation.

save for:  Pam saved a piece of pizza for my supper.

save from:  Firemen saved the occupants of the building from being burnt to death.

say about:  She wasn’t pleased when she overheard what I said about her.

say to:  What do you want to say to her now that she has left you?

scoff at:  He scoffed at my suggestion that we renovate the clubhouse.

search for:  The police searched the whole woodland for the escaped convict.

secede from:  Why did the state secede from the Union in 1816?

see into:  The accountant will see into the discrepancies in the books.

sell for:  Jack has been selling tickets for the concert at a higher price.

separate from:  Her father is separated from her mother.

serve as:  This spare room will serve as a bedroom while they are staying with us.

serve under:  He is serving under his father-in-law as an assistant manager.

sever from:  He severed branches from the tree with a chainsaw.

shake with:  At the reunion we shook hands warmly with each other.

share in:  The wife does not share in her husband’s enthusiasm for jogging.

shield from:  New import tariffs will be introduced to shield local firms from foreign competition.

shop for:  I have been shopping for a Mexican hat, but haven’t found one I like.

shout at:  Please don’t shout at the dogs; it will not stop them from barking.

shout for:  Why do you shout for help when you are not in danger?

shudder at:  I shudder at the thought of the child dying from injuries in the crash.

sin against:  I feel I’ve sinned against my religion by raising doubts and querying about it.

sit at:  He would sit at the table without eating but watch other people eat.

slack off:  Tourism business at the resort slacks off during the winter.

slide on:  The kids enjoyed themselves sliding on the ice.

smile at: I mistakenly smiled at her, thinking I knew her, but she looked away.

snap at:  I don’t understand why she often snapped at me for no good reason.

sneer at:  They sneered at his ludicrous suggestion.

speak about:  His grandfather would speak to you about anything under the sun.

speak of:  He had his reason for never ever speaking of his ex.

speak on:  George loved to speak towomen on women’s issues.                                                

specialize in:  The store specialized in coffins for dogs and cats.

spring at:  The showman touched the head of a cobra with a stick and it sprung at him.

spur on:  His initial success spurred him on.

stand on:  She stood on tiptoe to pluck a pear.

star in:  She will star in a new movie whose title is yet to be announced.

stare at:  They just stared at each other not believing they had not seen each other for forty years.

start for:  The weather turned bad and we had no choice but to start for home.

start with:  Let’s start our training session with doing some warm-up exercises.

stay at:  His wife resents his staying late at the office almost every night.

stay with:  I prefer staying at home with my dog to going out.

steal from:  Two policemen were arrested for stealing from the police station.

stop from:  His parents tried to stop him from smoking excessively.

strike against:  The ship sank after its side struck against an iceberg.

strike for:  The workers unanimously decided to strike for higher wages.

strip from:  Some members of a tribe stripped the bark from the trees to use as medicine.

strive after:  Artists continuously strive after artistic beauty.

strive against:  Man has to constantly strive against the elements.

strive for:  We must always strive for perfection in whatever we do.

struggle with: He had to struggle furiously with his attacker till help arrived.

study for:  She knows she has only two weeks left to study hard for her A level exam.

submit to:  Both parties agreed to submit their dispute to arbitration.

subsist on:  They subsisted on canned food during the winter.

subtract from:  He thought he could subtract his personal expenses from his gross profit.

succeed in:  The escaped prisoner succeeded in evading capture for several months.

sue for:  The minister threatened to sue the opposition member for slander.

suffer from:  Millions of children in the world today suffer from malnutrition.

suggest to:  She suggested to me that I should buy her more fresh flowers.

suit to:  I think you did not suit your dress to the occasion.

supplement by: Jack supplemented his income by driving a taxi.

supply with:  Only two companies supply the hospital with medical equipment.

surpass in:  Mary surpasses her sister in beauty.

surround by:  He emerged from the conference centre and was surrounded by noisy reporters.

swerve off:  Driving quickly on a wet road caused his car to swerve off the road into a ravine.

sympathize with:  I sympathize deeply with the bereaved family.


talk about:  Will you stop talking about me behind my back?

talk with:  I talked with her on the telephone, but she suggested we talk in person.

tally with:  The two witnesses’ accounts of the accident don’t tally with each other.

tantamount to:  His statement is tantamount to a confession.

taste like:  The new sauce tasted exactly like sour milk.

taste of:  The soup tasted strongly of water.

tease about:  We teased her about her many childhood fights with boys.

tell about:  She never told me about the big money she won in a lottery.

tend toward:  Joe tends towards obesity.

thank for:  I thanked her warmly for not grumbling the whole day.

think about:  Money is what I think about all the time.

threaten with:  Many fish species are threatened with extinction due to over fishing.

thrive on:  Many marine creatures still thrive on coastal mangrove swamps.

throw at:  Tom threw a rotten egg at the speaker’s face.

throw to:  You are supposed to throw the ball to me, not him.

traffic in:  John was arrested by the police for trafficking in stolen goods.

trample on/upon:  Despite the “keep off the grass” sign, the visitors trampled on the grass.

transfer to:  We can only transfer a skill from one person to another through training.

transform into: The once sleepy fishing village has been transformed into a tourist centre.

translate into:  Ideas remain ideas unless they are translated into action.

trespass on:  As it’s late now, let’s leave and not trespass on their hospitality

trick into:  They were tricked into investing in a dishonest scheme for making money.

trip over:  He nearly tripped over the toys.

triumph over:  With perseverance she would ultimately triumph over adversity.

trust in:  I trust in God.

trust with:  Not all the banks can be trusted with people’s money.

tuck in:  I forgot to tuck in my shirt when I took that photo.


undertake to:  The new government undertook to reduce personal income tax.

unite behind:  The leader called upon the people to unite behind him to deter foreign aggression.


value at:  His wealthy uncle bought paintings valued at over $300,000.

vary from:  As a street vendor, his takings vary from day to day.

veer off:  The car veered off the road into a ravine.

vie in:  John and Johnny have been vying in the same contest for the past four years.

vie for:  Only three contestants vied for the top prize.

vote on:  As the men couldn’t agree on the most beautiful lady, they decided to vote on it.

vow to:   She vowed to devote the rest of her life to caring for the poor.

vaccinate against:  Nowadays children are vaccinated against a variety of diseases.


wager on:  Bob wagered one hundred dollars on the white horse.

warn about:  I warned the kids about the danger of playing with fire.

whisk away:  The police arrested the suspect and whisked him away in the police car.

withdraw from:  She withdrew from the beauty contest due to death threats made against her.

work for:  She was told that she had been working for a crook.

work with:  I find it utterly impossible to work with her unless she changes her attitude.

worry about:  She worries more about me than I worry about her.

worry over:  I habitually worry over the slightest thing.


yank on:  The kid kept yanking on the dog’s tail and before long got bitten.

yearn for:  Joan yearns for Mr. Right to appear.

yearn to:  He couldn’t get used to life in a boarding school and every day he yearned to go home.

yell at:  They yelled at him not to get into the bullring.