name after:  The street is named after a veteran politician.

narrow down:  The judges have narrowed the finalists down to the last five


object to:  I object to your casual comments about my hair.

obtain from:  All this false information was obtained from the Internet.

operate on:  The doctors had to operate on him immediately to save his life.

oppress by:  Ethnic minorities had been oppressed by the occupying forces for years.

originate in:  This crazy idea could only originate in your head.

outrage at:  Women nationwide were outraged at his sexist remarks.

overcome by:  His stammering was eventually overcome by speech therapy.

overrun by:  The wasteland was overrun by rats.

overwhelm by:  He was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response.


part from:  I had to part from Jill before the game ended.

partake of:  The guests partook of the ample food available at the gathering.

participate in:  Everyone present was encouraged to participate in the discussions. 

pass in:  He passes in his authorization card before leaving the office for the day.

pattern on:  An ardent fan of Elvis Presley, he patterned his behaviour after his.

perpetrate about:  They perpetrated all sorts of malicious rumours about him

persevere in:  She persevered in her studies to achieve the result she had hoped for.

persist in: Why do many people persist in believing mistakenly that UFOs are alien spaceships?

petition for:  Local residents petitioned for better bus services.

plead with:  Jack pleaded with Jill not to leave her.

point at:  It is not respectable to point at someone.

pray to:  Every night the family prayed to God for good health and happiness.

predicate on:  His success in his exams is predicated on his determination to succeed.

prefer to:  I prefer red colour to any of the other colours for my car.

prepare for:  How many of us prepare ourselves for every eventuality in life?

present to:  They presented the best actress award to her before a live audience.

present with:  They presented him with an outstanding achievement award.

preserve for:  The large number of historical records is preserved for posterity.

preserve from:  The tribe preserved corpses from decomposition by wrapping them in cloth.

prevent from:  The new legislation was to prevent whistleblowers from being publicly identified.

price out:  The dentist has priced himself out of business by charging too heavily for his services.

proceed with:  The protesters were not allowed to proceed with their political speeches.

produce from:  They produce wine from grapes.

prohibit from:  Nowadays people are prohibited from smoking in many areas.

propose to:  At the meeting, he proposed measures to enlarge the club membership.

protect from:  The legislation is to protect public property from vandalism.

protest against:  The demonstration was organized to protest against police brutality.

prove to:  Prove to me what you said that you can make a rabbit disappear.

provide with:  The evacuees were provided with tents, blankets, and other necessities.

provoke to:  What he did is certain to provoke them to retaliate.

pry into: Continual prying into other people’s private affairs will get him into trouble soon.

punish for:  The serial killer will be severely punished for his crimes.

purchase from:  We purchased some statuettes from a souvenir shop at the tourist resort.

purge from:  All dissidents were purged from the party.


qualify for:  So far, only three teams have qualified for the finals.

quarrel about:  No one knows what the twins are quarrelling about.

query about:  The auditors queried the company’s accountants about their financial statement.

question about:  The police questioned him about his whereabouts on the night of the murder.


rage about/against:  Joe raged against the bureaucratic and corrupt system.

rail against/at:  Mary has been railing against the unjust system.

range from:  The bookstore is selling books at prices ranging from about $5 to $500.

rank as/with:  His performances rank him as one of the top five players in the country.

rate as:  He is generally rated as one of the best writers of this century.

reach for:  He was shot dead by the police before he could reach for his gun.

react to:  Her boss reacted favourably to her decision to resign.

read about/of:  Have you read the latest news about a man with three eyes?

read in:  I read that rags-to-riches story in a magazine.

read to:  I used to read to you when you were a child.

rebel against:  Those who rebelled against the government were captured and executed.

recommend to:  I definitely recommend this book to those of you interested in raising hamsters.

recover from:  Mrs. Dean has yet to recover fully from her husband’s death.

recuperate from:  She went to stay with her daughter to recuperate from her operation.

refrain from:  The nurse asked me to refrain from using my cell phone.

regard as:  The team’s last performance was regarded as the best ever .

reign over:  The king reigned over the country for many years.

release from:  He was released unconditionally from police detention.

remove from:  He was removed from office for sexual misconduct.

reply to:  Why should I reply to those baseless allegations?

report on: His newspaper sent him to Africa to report on the situation in Zimbabwe.

reprimand for:  He was reprimanded for his negligence in duty.

reproach for:  The teacher reproached them for not completing their homework.

request for:  She likes to request for songs to be played on some radio programs

rescue from:  Dogs and cats were also rescued from the burning building.

reserve for:  They reserved the three front rows of seats for VIPs.

respond to:  His illness failed to respond to the treatment.

restrain from:  Many times I had to restrain myself from arguing with her.

retire from:  He retired from his job for health reason.

return to:  She never returned to me or to anybody any of the books she borrowed.

reveal to:  Jan never revealed her origins to anybody.

revenge on:  Jane seems intent on revenging herself on her husband for his disloyalty.

revolt against:  A revolt against the leadership in the party has broken out.

reward for:  He was rewarded for providing information that  led to the arrest of the culprit.

reward with:  She rewarded me with a kiss.

rise from:  From a distance, we could see smoke rising from chimneys.

rival in:  Our best players simply cannot rival our opponents in stamina.

rob of:  The bus was hijacked and the passengers were robbed of all their possessions.

root in:  The plants were rooted firmly in the hard earth and it wasn’t easy to just pull them out.

rule on:  The judge will shortly rule on who will get custody of the child.

rule over:  The absolute ruler ruled over a large empire.

run for:  The villagers ran for their lives when there was a sudden volcanic eruption.

rush through:  The staff rushed through the paper work to meet the deadline.