gladden by:  Harry was gladdened by the birth of his first child.

glance at:  John glanced at his watch and realized his watch had stopped working.

glance through:  He had just enough time to glance through the paper at breakfast.

gloat over:  The miser gloated over his money.

gloss over:  Mike glossed over the loss of his job and started talking something else.

glow with:  He entered the interview room glowing with confidence.

gossip about:  Mrs. Goss loves to gossip about other people, especially her neighbours.

graduate from:  He graduated from university with a degree in palmistry.

grieve about:  She still grieves deeply about the loss of her father.

ground on/upon:  You should ground your analysis on facts.

ground in:  The new students were grounded in the basic principles of mathematics.

grumble about/at:  My mother-in-law, like the farmers, is always grumbling about the weather.


haggle over/about:  I haggled with the car salesman for about an hour over the price.

hear about:  Did you hear about the latest mass killing?

help with:  I helped her with the application form.

hide from:  John would always hide under the bed from his drunk father.

hinder from: He’s hindered from a good night sleep by the constant noise from the expressway.

hint at:  The spokesman hinted at the possible change of leadership.

hunt for:  The police are hunting nationwide for the serial killer.


identify by:  He was identified at an identity parade by a witness as the culprit.

impart to:  The barman was happy to impart his knowledge of wine to me.

impose on/upon:  A ban has been imposed on the sale of cigarettes to those below 18 years old.

impress by:  We were impressed by the beauty of the rural landscape.

impress with:  We were really impressed with the craftsmanship.

improve by:  His musical skill can be improved by engaging a professional coach.

improve in:  It is very advantageous to improve in whatever we are do.

include in:  Labour charges are included in the bill for the repairs.

incorporate in:  Not all the proposals and up-to-date information are incorporated in the report.

increase from:  Budget for the welfare program has been increased from $500,000 to $800,000.

increase in:  The sharp increase in crime is attributed to the current state of the economy.

inculcate in:  Parents should inculcate a sense of discipline in their children.

indict for:  The suspect was indicted for the crime of arson.

indulge in:  I think we shouldn’t indulge in too much lunchtime drinking.

infect with:  Some insects can infect human beings with deadly diseases.

infer from:  One can reasonably infer from the evidence presented that insanity is hereditary.

infest with:  The whole wasteland was heavily infested with rats.

inflate with:  The egos of some people are really inflated with self-importance.

inflict on/upon:  He’s found guilty for deliberately inflicting grievous bodily harm on his son.

inform of:  The doctor will immediately inform you of any changes in her condition.

infuse with:  The good news infused her with happiness.

inherit from:  He inherited his loud and powerful voice from his grandfather.

inhibit from:  The fear of ridicule inhibited students from raising questions.

initiate into:  Last evening he was initiated into a religious cult.

insert in/into:  Nick inserted a coin into the vending machine for some cigarettes.

insist on:  She insisted on keeping a baby armadillo as a pet.

inspire by:  The movie was really inspired by an actual event.

inspire to:  Her dogged perseverance to succeed inspires others to do likewise.

instigate against:  Foreigners were blamed for instigating a revolt against the government.

instill in/into:  The parents instilled ethical values into their children at an early age.

instruct in:  Ms. Olive instructed students in Latin.

intend for:  The author’s second book was intended for golfing enthusiasts.

intercede with:  The organization interceded with the authorities on my behalf.

interpolate in:  Mary interpolated a casual remark in our conversation.

interrupt in:  The leader was rudely interrupted in his speech by loud jeers.

intervene in:  The police don’t usually intervene in what was essentially a private dispute.

introduce into:  New subjects will be introduced into the syllabus next year.

intrude on/upon:  We deeply resented her intruding on our conversation.

invite to:  We have always been invited to her birthday.

involve in:  I don’t see why I should involve myself in their affairs.

irritate by:  He was irritated by the frequently loud argument that went on next door.

isolate from:  The exceptionally violent child is isolated from other children.


jam with:  The entrance was jammed with crowds trying to get in.

jeer at:  The spectators jeered at their own team for their poor performance.

jockey for:  The riders jockeyed for the best position.

joke with:  The more we joked with each other, the closer we became.

judge by:  We do not judge a book by its cover, do we?

judge from:  Judging from the look on his face, we suspected he’s the one who took it.

jumble up:  I arranged those things in a neat order but someone came along and jumbled them up.

justify to:  He tried to justify his decision to us by saying that he had no alternative.

jut out:  We marveled at the huge rocks jutting out from the steep side of the cliff.


know about:  Nobody in the area knows much about the accident.


learn about:  Did you learn about the birds and the bees when you were a child?

leave for:  We’re leaving for London tonight.

lecture about/on:  He lectures on the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.

lend to:  I lent the lawn mower to my neighbour.

levy a tax/fine/charge, etc. on:  The state government has levied a new tax on gasoline.

lie on:  Joe likes to lie on a bench in the park.

limit to:  Each customer is limited to two packets.

listen to:  We listened in silence to his boring stories.

live at:  As far as I know, he still lives at the same address.

long for:  Bob longed for an exciting experience at sea. 

long to:  He longed desperately to be with her.

look like:  It looks like she is going to demand an explanation from him.

lure away:  The company tried to lure the salesman away from their competitor.

lurk around:  They called the police when they saw a man lurking around outside their house.


make a fool of:  Whenever he is drunk, he is certain to make a fool of himself.

make a fuss about/over:  She made a big fuss about not being offered a drink.

make love to:  He tried to make love to every girl he met.

marvel at:  I marvel at his ability to maintain composure in any given situation.

matter to:  I’ll buy it, the colour does not matter to me.

meditate on/upon:  He meditated on the different solutions to the problem.

mention to:  She didn’t mention it to me when I met her last night.

migrate between:  Some whales migrate between one part of the ocean and another.

migrate from:  Some species of birds migrate from Europe to Africa.

mingle with:  Participants from various nations mingled freely with each other after the events.

mix with:  He does not mix well with other people.     

model on:  This system is modeled on the one that originated in the United States.

multiply by:  Two multiplied by two is four. 

muse on/over:  He sat musing over the sudden change of attitude of his girlfriend.

muster up: He failed to muster up the minimum support required to stand for election.