A preposition can come in a simple one-word or a two-word or three-word combination, which is called a compound preposition. A compound preposition functions as a single preposition. A compound preposition that consists of two words include according to, because of, different from, due to, and instead of. Three-word compound prepositions are as far asin addition toin front ofand in spite of, etc.


Two-word compound prepositions 



  • According to his mother, he often talked in his sleep.
  • As of next week, all of you will eat less to lose weight.

  • Her face was perfect aside from that one hairy mole.

  • The bucks fought hard and it’s all because of a doe.

  • You waste a lot of time arguing instead of agreeing.

  • The detective didn’t know he was sitting next to a wanted man. 

  • Sometimes my grandfather tears pages out of my magazines.


Three-word compound prepositions 



  • The explosion could be heard as far as five kilometers away.
  • We keep five dogs in addition to two cats.

  • A steamroller parked in front of his house.

  • They continued with their search and rescue mission in spite of the bad weather.

  • He can’t sing any more on account of his failing health.

  • The villagers carried pails of water on top of their heads.