Prepositions of time indicate the time and date or the period of time that something happens. Some of the prepositions used include around, at, by, during, from, in, on, since, throughout, and until

Prepositions of time used to indicate a particular time.


  • Our grandparents usually have a catnap at the same time around noon.
  • I had a big argument with my grandma at lunchtime.
  • The funeral should be over by five o’clock.
  • The astrologer said I would be dead in five years.
  • The boss is always sleepy on Monday mornings.



Prepositions of time indicate the period of time that something happens.  


  • I had a couple of terrifying nightmares during the night.
  • She swears never to talk to me again from tomorrow.
  • His girlfriend has been missing since last Sunday.
  • He slept throughout the lecture.
  • They said I was breastfed until the age of six.



Prepositions of time used to indicate a particular time in relation to another.  


  • I start to wonder whether I will be in Heaven or Hell after death.
  • I usually need to go to the toilet before having my breakfast.