The possessive pronouns are the possessive forms of personal pronouns. We use the personal pronouns in the possessive case to express possession. A possessive pronoun is able to stand on its own as subject, object, etc.

Possessive pronouns 
Singular Plural
mine ours
yours yours
his theirs
hers theirs


Possessive pronouns examples:

  • This puppy is mine. That kitten is yours.
  • I think the puppy that wandered into our house is theirs.
  • Your newborn baby is much bigger than ours.

Possessive pronouns can be used as either subject or object:

  • Yours has weeds all over. (Subject)
  • Your dog has bitten mine on the stomach. (Object)

We do not insert an apostrophe in possessive pronouns (especially, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs) that express ownership.

  • This slice of pizza is yours. (Not: This slice of pizza is your’s.)
  • It is licking its paw. (Not: It is licking it’s paw.)
  • Whose footprints are these? (Not: Who’s footprints are these?)