Reflexive pronouns are those pronouns formed by adding ‘ –self’ to singular and ‘–selves’ to plural possessives to produce the following: myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, oneself; and ourselves, yourselves, themselves.

Reflexive Pronouns Singular Plural
First person I : myself We : ourselves
Second person You : yourself You : yourselves
Third person He : himself They : themselves
  She : herself They : themselves
  It : itself They : themselves

A reflexive pronoun refers back to the subject when used in a sentence.


  • Sometimes I think to myself that it is time to lose some weight.
  • She likes to look at the mirror and smile to herself.
  • He tried to be himself and not be like Michael Jackson all the time
  • One of their dogs spent hours licking itself.
  • We do not always make ourselves practise what we preach.
  • You often talk to yourself and nobody knows what you talk about.