The words that make up non-separable phrasal verbs cannot be separated, and they are not followed by a noun or a pronoun object.



  • When she saw what happened, she broke down.
    (No noun or pronoun object follows the phrasal verb. Break down = lose control of one's emotions)
  • We decided that we should get together more regularly. 
    (Get together = meet and spend time with one another)
  • They shouted to him to hurry up
    (Hurry up = act or move quickly)
  • He asked them to join in the singing.
    (Join in = participate or become involved in an activity)
  • We enjoyed looking around an organic farm.
    (Look around = go through or explore a place)
  • He was given a week to move out after he fought with other tenants. 
    (Move out = leave a place [house, etc] where one has been living)
  • I had to pull over when I had a puncture.
    (Pull over = move and stop a vehicle to the side of a road)
  • We waited but he didn't show up.
    (Show up = appear somewhere by appointment or unexpectedly)
  • After what happened, he promised to speak up
    (Speak up = say openly about something)
  • We stayed up late to watch the match on television.
    (Stay up = continue to be awake)