When a question is reported, it becomes an indirect question. An indirect question does not end with a question mark; it ends with a full stop (period). We do not use quotation marks in indirect questions.



  • The reporter asked the weatherman, "When is the rain going to stop?"
  • The reporter asked the weatherman when the rain was going to stop.
  • The police officer asked him, "Where were you last Sunday?"
  • The police officer asked him where he was the previous Sunday.



We often use if in indirect questions.


  • "Do you believe in one god or many gods?"
  • My uncle asked if I believe in one god or many gods.
  • My neighbour asked me, "Do you feel lonely without your wife and children?"
  • My neighbour asked me if I felt lonely without my wife and children.



We can use whether or whether or not instead of if.


  • She asked whether I believe in one god or many gods.
  • My sister asked me whether / whether or not I would join her in jogging up the hill.