We use will to express the future tense, willingness, request, probability, order and habitual action.

  • We will be at the funeral gathering tomorrow. (Future)
  • I will volunteer as witness to the hit-and-run accident. (Willingness)
  • Will you take my dog out for a walk? (Request)
  • She will be very angry if you dye your hair blonde again. (Probability/Expectation)
  • Will you not talk to me while I am watching television! (Order/command)
  • She will grumble about her husband each time she visits her mother. (Habitual behavior)

We use would to express a condition, advice, request, intention and opinion.

  • I think you would command more respect if you talk less. (Conditional)
  • I wouldn’t attempt to escape from the prison if I were you. (Advice)
  • Would you like me to give you a lift? (Request/offer)
  • Before he left her, he would always tell her he would never leave her. (Intention)
  • His behavior is not what she would expect from a gentleman. (Opinion)