Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct position. Click to check your answers.

Example: a ring (unusual/gold)

an unusual gold ring

1. a pullover (nice/new)

1. a nice new pullover

2. a pullover (new/green)

2. a new green pullover

3. a house (beautiful/old)

3. a beautiful old house

4. a pair of gloves (black/leather)

4. a pair of black leather gloves

5. a film (old/American)

5. an old American film

6. a face (thin/long)

6. a long thin face

7. clouds (black/big)

7. big black clouds

8. a day (sunny/lovely)

8. a lovely sunny day

9. an avenue (wide/long)

9. a long wide avenue

10. a table (wooden/beautiful/round)

10. a beautiful round wooden table

11. a box (metal/black/small)

11. a small black metal box

12. a cat (fat/big/black)

12. a big fat black cat

13. a little village (old/lovely/little)

13. a lovely little old village

14. hair (long/black/beautiful)

14. beautiful long black hair

15. an umbrella (red/enormous/yellow)

15. an enormous red, yellow umbrella

16. a wall (brick/red/high)

16. a high red brick wall

17. a dress (colorful/long/silk)

17. a long colorful silk dress

18. a painting (old/interesting/French)

18. an interesting old French painting

19. a temple (ancient/Buddhist/tall)

19. a tall ancient Buddhist temple

20. a witch (toothless/ugly/old)

20. an old ugly toothless witch