This exercise is about the use of quantity words. A quantity word is often used with a noun to indicate a quantity or only a part of a whole (partitive). For example, a wad of banknotes, a piece of cake, a slice of bread.

Fill in each blank with one of the following quantity words. Each of these quantity words is to be used only once.

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1. book, collection, copy, edition, file, pack, piece, scrap, set, sheet.

1. (a) book _____; (b) cardboard _____; (c) documents _____; (d) paper _____; (e) painting ______; (f) stamp _____; (g) tickets _____; (h) tissue (paper handkerchief) _____; (i) writing _____; (j) newspaper _____.

1. (a) copy; (b) sheet; (c) file; (d) scrap; (e) collection; (f) set; (g) book; (h) pack; (i) piece; (j) edition

2. bar, cake, cube, drop, dollop, grain, knob, pinch, sack, sheaf

2. (a) soap _____; (b) sugar _____; (c) jam _____; (d) sauce _____; (e) salt ______; (f) rice _____; (g) flour _____; (h) butter _____; (i) corn _____; (j) chocolate _____.

2. (a) cake; (b) cube; (c) dollop; (d) drop; (e) pinch; (f) grain; (g) sack; (h) knob; (i) sheaf; (j) bar

3. bale, blade, chunk, clod, grain, lump, pile, speck, slab, splinter

3. (a) coal _____; (b) concrete _____; (c) dirt _____; (d) earth _____; (e) grass ______; (f) hay _____; (g) rock _____; (h) rubbish _____; (i) sand _____; (j) wood _____.

3. (a) lump; (b) slab; (c) speck; (d) clod; (e) blade; (f) bale; (g) chunk; (h) pile; (i) grain; (j) splinter

4. bead, blob, bottle, cloud, drop, jar, nip, pint, pool, puff

4. (a) beer _____; (b) blood _____; (c) brandy _____; (d) coffee _____; (e) moisture ______; (f) paint _____; (g) perfume _____; (h) vapour _____; (i) water _____; (j) wine _____.

4. (a) pint; (b) pool; (c) nip; (d) jar; (e) bead; (f) blob; (g) puff; (h) cloud; (i) drop; (j) bottle

5. barrel, block, box, deck, pack, pair, sack, set, speck, splinter

5. (a) card _____; (b) cigar _____; (c) cigarette _____; (d) cutlery _____; (e) dust ______; (f) glass _____; (g) ice _____; (h) oil _____; (i) potato _____; (j) sandal _____.

5. (a) deck; (b) box; (c) pack; (d) set; (e) speck; (f) splinter; (g) block; (h) barrel; (i) sack; (j) pair