Change the appropriate verbs into gerunds in the sentences that follow.

Click the sentences to see the answers.

Example: Bob looks forward to study physics.

Bob looks forward to studying physics.

1. I like to walk in the park.

1. I like walking in the park.

2. We love to ride along the country lane.

2. We love riding along the country lane.

3. Did you go to shop yesterday?

3. Did you go shopping yesterday?

4. Don't let me catch you do that again.

4. Don't let me catch you doing that again.

5. I appreciate you write that letter for me.

5. I appreciate your writing that letter for me.

6. That carpet needs to vacuum.

6. That carpet needs vacuuming.

7. I began to revise my lessons before the year end.

7. I began revising my lessons before the year end.

8. She decided to go to jog each morning.

8. She decided to go jogging each morning.

9. I love to ski and wear ski boots.

9. I love skiing and wearing ski boots.

10. She learned to 'hairdress' and to practise it on her sister.

10. She learned hairdressing by practising it on her sister.