Change each of the following speeches into Reported Speech using the passive form of the Past Perfect tense.

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1. He said, "I have been invited to her wedding."

1. He said that he had been invited to her wedding.

2. I told them, "The new hotel has been opened by a Minister."

2. I told them that the new hotel had been opened by a Minister.

3. He said, "My car was stolen last night."

3. He said that his car had been stolen the night before. (Change 'last night' to 'the night before')

4. She said, "The food was not cooked properly."

4. She said that the food had not been cooked properly."

5. "I wasn't told about the fire," he complained.

5. He complained that he had not been told about the fire.

6. The duty master said, "The money has not been claimed yet."

6. The duty master said that the money had not been claimed yet.

7. "Nobody was injured in the accident," a police spokesman said.

7. A police spokesman said that nobody had been injured in the accident.

8. "That door wasn't locked last night," my mother said.

8. My mother said that that door had not been locked the night before.

9. The stewardess on the plane said to me, "Your safety-belt has not been fastened properly.

9. The stewardess on the plane said to me that my safety-belt had not been fastened properly.

10. He told the Manager, "The parcel was sent two days ago."

10. He told the Manager that the parcel had been sent two days previously. (Change 'ago' to 'previously.'