Convert the following in direct speech into indirect speech. Click each of them for the answer.

1. He said, "I'm just going to the market. I shan't be long."

1. He said that he was just going to the market and (he) wouldn't be long.

2. "I can't find the shop you told me about," his sister complained to him.

2. His sister complained to him that she couldn't find the shop (that) he told her about.

3. "I don't like the pattern on that dress very much, so I'm not going to buy it," she confided in her sister.

3. She confided in her sister that she didn't like the pattern on that dress, so she wasn't going to buy it.

4. "Why are you late again?," they asked me.

4. They asked me why I was late again.

5. "I heard you were discharged from the hospital yesterday," John said.

5. John said that he heard I was discharged from the hospital the day before.

6. "You will be late if you don't hurry up," my mother said to her.

6. My mother told her that she would be late if she didn't hurry up.

7. George called, "I have left my books behind at your place."

7. George called to say he had left his books behind at my place.

8. "I forgot to do my homework last night,” he told the teacher.

8. He told the teacher that he forgot to do his homework the night before.

9. "George will forget his bag again unless you remind him," I said to my sister.

9. I said to my sister that George would forget his bag again unless she reminded him.

10. He said, "It's raining and I have forgotten my umbrella. Could you share your umbrella with me please?"

10. He said that it's raining and he had forgotten his umbrella, and asked if I could share my umbrella with him.

11. She said, "I hate it when it starts snowing just as I am setting out."

11. She said she hated it when it started snowing just as she was setting out.

12. She said, "I think it's all your fault that I get into this mess.”

12. She said she thought it's all my fault that she got into that mess.

13. Someone said, "The train will have arrived by seven o'clock."

13. Someone said that the train would have arrived by seven o'clock.

14. "I'll come if I can," she promised us.

14. She promised us that she would come if she could.

15. She told me, "I'll buy a new watch for you when I go to Bangkok but I don't know when."

15. She told me that she would buy a new watch for me when she went to Bangkok but she didn't know when.

16. Tom told the visitor, "My mother is not at home and I don't know where she is now.."

16. Tom told the visitor that his mother was not at home and he didn't know where she was then.

17. "I would love to go with you," Janet said to Paul, "but I'm afraid I can't because my uncle is arriving in a few minutes."

17. Janet said to Paul that she would love to go with him but she was afraid she couldn't because her uncle was arriving in a few minutes.

18. "Will you stop practicing your violin? The screeching noise gives me a headache," my father told me one evening.

18. My father asked me one evening whether I would stop practicing my violin. He said that the screeching noise gave him a headache.

19. Mickey said to Ray and Roy, "You are out of your mind if you believe what Mike said this morning."

19. Mickey said to Ray and Roy that they were out of their mind if they believed what Mike said that morning.

20. Mrs. White said, "There were no pineapples at the market today so I bought some oranges instead."

20. Mrs. White said that there were no pineapples at the market that day so she bought some oranges instead.