Rewrite the following sentences making them plural. Click the sentence for the answer.

1. The child asks for a toy hippopotamus.

1. The children ask for toy hippopotamuses/hippopotami.

2. The baby cries; but its mother is missing.

2. The babies cry; but their mothers are missing.

3. I look up, and a leaf falls from a branch and lands on my forehead.

3. We look up, and leaves fall from branches and land on our foreheads.

4. The lady uses a knife to cut a potato and a chilli.

4. The ladies use knives to cut potatoes and chillies/chilies.

5. The man is sure a mouse bit his foot while he was asleep.

5. The men are sure mice bit their feet while they were asleep.

6. I took this photo of an ox that is not mine.

6. We took these photos of oxen that are not ours.

7. That goose belongs to his wife.

7. Those geese belong to their wives.

8. My loaf of bread is enough to feed the fish.

8. Our loaves of bread are enough to feed the fish/fishes.

9. His lorry nearly collided with the boy's bicycle.

9. Their lorries nearly collided with the boys' bicycles.

10. He lost a tooth in a fight with a bully.

10. They lost teeth in fights with bullies.

11. A passerby stops to watch a dwarf performs a dance.

11. Passersby stop to watch dwarfs perform dances.

12. She likes to cook spicy octopus with tomato.

12. They like to cook spicy octopuses with tomatoes.

13. My mother-in-law owns a buffalo.

13. Our mothers-in-law own buffaloes.

14. The trio has been playing a piano for an hour.

14. The trios have been playing pianos for hours.

15. The child's pet is a gold fish.

15. The children's pets are gold fish.

16. The tribal chief tells his wife to learn mathematics.

16. The tribal chiefs tell their wives to learn mathematics.

17. The farmer has a sheep, a deer and a rhinoceros on his farm.

17. The farmers have sheep, deer and rhinoceroses on their farms.

18. He has a tattoo of a beauty on his arm.

18. They have tattoos of beauties on their arms.

19. He uses a lasso to catch an elephant calf.

19. They use lassos to catch elephant calves.

20. The life of a fly and a mosquito is rather short.

20. The lives of flies and mosquitoes are rather short.