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accident   accidental
adventure   adventurous
boy   boyish
care   careful
caution   cautious
centre   central
child   childish
  choose choosy
circle   circular
  collect collective
comfort   comfortable
coward   cowardly
danger   dangerous
  describe descriptive
distance   distant
  enjoy enjoyable
faith   faithful
fame   famous
father   fatherly
fool   foolish
  forget forgetful
fortune   fortunate
friend   friendly
girl   girlish
gold   golden
  harm harmful
  hate hateful
height   high
  help helpful
hero   heroic
  hope hopeful
  imagine imaginary
joy   joyful
law   lawful
length   long
  love lovable
man   manly
mercy   merciful
mine   my
mischief   mischievous
mountain   mountainous
music   musical
nation   national
nature   natural
noise   noisy
north   northern
  obey obedient
parent   parental
peace   peaceful
person   personal
pity   pitiful
  please pleasant
poison   poisonous
pride   proud
  prosper prosperous
  quarrel quarrelsome
science   scientific
sense   sensible
silk   silky
skill   skilful
smoke   smoky
sorrow   sorrowful
south   southern
storm   stormy
strength   strong
  study studious
success   successful
sun   sunny
  talk talkative
terror   terrible
thirsty   thirsty
thought   thoughtful
trouble   troublesome
truth   truthful
value   valuable
victory   victorious
war   warlike
water   watery
wave   wavy
west   western
winter   wintry
wisdom   wise
wood   wooden
wool   woolen
year   yearly
youth   young
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